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Say goodbye to forgetfulness and hello to effortless retention

Struggling to commit facts, figures or information to memory?

Try MindReps:
Chrome plugin for immersive learning
- Uses evidence-backed method of spaced repetition
- 7-day free trial

Ready to actually remember what you read?

On the go?
MindReps is only for our laptop or computer right now.

Just type in your email and we'll send you a link so you can install it

Thanks! We've emailed you a link to use when you're back at your laptop or computer.

Laptop Typing

Here's a demo of how it works:

What our users are saying

How does it work?


Financial analyst

What a pain point you have captured. I am often stopping in the middle of articles, books etc to take notes to remember.


Head of Sales

I empathize with this problem - MindReps is what I've been missing in my life!



It's a simple app but it's really powerful. I've learnt so much about this new world of crypto!

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