Feel like you're simply consuming what you read online?

mindreps = your learning tool that helps you actually remember what you read online.

- Uses the scientifically proven method of spaced repetition to test you on what you're trying to remember. 
- Sits right within your browser so you can use it anytime you're browsing the internet!

Here's a quick video demo 👇

So, how does it work? Simple :

Within the article you're reading, highlight the text that you want to be able to recall at a later date. This could be an important fact, figure or quote that you want to try and remember.

Copy & paste the text to the mindreps app and hit "save to mindreps" to begin the magic.

mindreps will quiz you at regular intervals, testing you on what you're trying to remember. This will help you transfer it from your short term memory to your long term memory. 

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What our users are saying

How does it work?


Financial analyst

What a pain point you have captured. I am often stopping in the middle of articles, books etc to take notes to remember. If there was a way to not just quiz but add a tagging and storage method would be fantastic!


Head of Sales

I empathize with this problem - mindreps is what I've been missing in my life!



It's a simple app but it's really powerful. I've learnt so much about this new world of crypto!