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How mindreps works in 4 steps:

1) Copy and paste what you want to remember into the mindreps chrome extension. It could be anything - a fact, figure or quote (or anything else!)  

2) mindreps will start testing you via quizzes, using the spaced repetition process. You will be tested over a schedule of days

3) Respond to the quizzes to see what you remember / didn't remember

4) The process of recalling and testing yourself will help you to memorise what you're trying to learn 10x better

Join 1,000+ users learning with mindreps

What our users are saying

How does it work?


Financial analyst

What a pain point you have captured. I am often stopping in the middle of articles, books etc to take notes to remember. If there was a way to not just quiz but add a tagging and storage method would be fantastic!


Head of Sales

I empathize with this problem - mindreps is what I've been missing in my life!



It's a simple app but it's really powerful. I've learnt so much about this new world of crypto!

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